Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008


Jayson's Mom Mary and I took Mia and Jayson's little brother Jaycob to see sesame street live Elmo makes music.

Jayson and I debated for weeks about taking Mia, Jayson thought that she wouldn't last through the whole thing and I disagreed that I thought she was ready for the challenge! and I won that battle!
She loved it so much and sat the entire time with her eyes glued to the stage! I am thankful to have someone to go see silly musicals and theater stuff with! It was so fun!

You have to see this video it is hillarious, Mia was rocking out!

Thanks Giving

We had such a wonderful time in redding for Thanks Giving, We spent the Day playing and eating! Then on black Friday we did the same thing over again because My Mom and Dad were able to come home for a few days over the Holiday, It was a great time!
And We are all so excited for next week cause We all get to meet My sister Amy's baby for the first time!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

some Halloween photo's I forgot to post

A long time!

So as you can see it has been awhile since I wrote anything, But I just had no motivation to write anything until yesterday when I got reconnected with an old friend of Mine and it was a much needed reunion for me, it's hard to stay in touch when you live in different places, and have families and but thank goodness for the beauty of the Internet!
As for an update on my Mommy, she is doing very well, they are even going to let her come home for a few days over Thanksgiving as long as the tests on Monday reveal that all is well ! We have been to see her and I can tell that she has a better day when she is with the kids, and they do too, any time they get a chance to be with Grandma is a better day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Transplant

Many of you know that my Mom has been waiting for a lung transplant for awhile now and it finally happened, Wednesday night my Mom called me at around 8:00 pm to tell me they had a match! My initial reaction was a few tears I really wanted to be there, but didn't know if I was going to make it to San Fran be for the operation! I said a quick prayer to calm myself and collect my thoughts and then I began to pack! luckily we had a few hours of testing and waiting be for they took her down to the operating room.
Macie was with me and she woke up to be fed while they were getting Mom prepped, Mom was able to play with her and rock her to sleep!
My Mom seemed ready for this day, more so than the rest of us, Dad and I were able to stay there with her until they took her down for the operation which began at 6:20 am, she was brought up to the ICU at around 2:00 pm The surgery went well and she is making great progress, she is still in the ICU as of today but that should be changing very soon. The new lungs are functioning very well and Dad is at her side every minute possible! I am so thankful for the gospel and the love of family I have, Heavenly father blesses us in more ways than we recognize but I'm grateful for all I have!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scooby Zooooo

As parents I think we all talk about not passing our fears onto our children, but when it comes to snakes, I'm not sure I can help it.
Jayson and I have been talking about taking Mia to the Zoo since we had her, and since we lived in Sacramento up until 4 months ago, you would have thought we would have done it by now, but no, didn't happen! So last week while we were trying to figure out what to do on Columbus Day, The Medrano's brought up the Zoo, and we were in!
Mia is in love with animals, she can pretty much do all the sounds, so we knew she would love the Zoo!
The lion was a hit and she loved the pink flamingos, as I said before, I hate snakes, so we breezed through the reptile room and onto the giraffe! needless to say she loved it!
After the Zoo we had allot of time to spare so we headed to a pumpkin patch, where we fed Goats and a scary Lama, I'm so proud of Mia and how brave she is, she went straight up to the animals and let them eat right out of her hand! We also picked out some pumpkins to carve!

It was a very fun Day, Thank you Medrano's for getting us into gear, and helping us take the girls to the Zoo!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Macie Smiles

She finally started to smile just a few weeks ago, I finally got a great picture of her beautiful grin!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Macie's Blessing

We were in redding this last weekend to bless Macie and we had a busy but wonderful time, Macie was such an angel during the blessing and looked like an angel too! I always love having my family around!

We were lucky enough to have many of our friends come and it was wonderful!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Visits

A few weeks ago My Dad came to visit from Ohio, and my brother came from London, so they could meet Macie and visit with Mia, Jay and I. We had a wonderful visit but it was way to short. I'm not sure how many of you know what an unbelievable artist my brother is but I assure you he is, I unfortunately dont have any of Joel's originals but in the near future he will be doing one for me of my children with Christ, I cant wait, but in the mean time I wanted to share his talent with you all, last year he did a painting of Christ for one of our uncle's, of course I fell in love with it! the title of the piece is "Open Arms" By Joel Cable

The New Us

So I have just created this blog, with a little help from my friend! and I figured I should start out with what's new!
Jayson and I just moved back to Chico 3 months ago and so far we feel like we 're home again, well at least I do, Jayson still misses Sacramento, I did the big city life growing up and I have found that I like a slower pace, as for Jayson well he grew up in a smaller area and so the big city was his thing!
Jayson started a new job last week with a company called Far Northern Regional health, he is a Bilingual case manager, he will be helping people with disabilities get funding for their needs, specifically Spanish speaking families! we are thankful for this new adventure and hope it's a winner!
I, as most of you know just had baby #2 a month ago and I feel fabulous, this new baby Macie is so sweet and is so easy going that it's easy not to neglect Mia! I just started back doing hair at home and it feels good to have a few minutes of adult interaction after hearing Elmo's world 4 times a day!
Mia is so dang cute and very strong willed, she is learning quickly but is still not growing quickly, she is a terrible eater, we call her our little midget!
And our new precious baby Macie is such a good girl and is the opposite of Mia in the food department, and it seems as though she may pass Mia up in to long!
Well for now that's the new us!