Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lot's to say!

So Jayson and I just had our 6th anniversary, well crap it's already been a month ago, man I'm bad at this! but it was awesome.

Mia decided she wanted to start potty training and that's going well, she just sat down and went, it was amazing! we also turned her photo in to Regis and Kelly's beautiful baby contest, it starts in march, I think the week of march 9th, good luck Mia!

Macie is 6 months old and can now sit up on her own, has 2 teeth! and is as happy as ever!

I have now lost 51 pounds and I'm so happy! I have enjoyed working out and running a mile a day for a little time alone! Jayson also lost 20 pounds, that he didn't need to lose, but he looks great!