Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bye Bye Bink bee

We have wanted to get rid of Mia's Binky for awhile, but she just loves it so much we new it was going to be a challenge! so I read this book called bye bye Binky and did his technique, within 2 days she threw it in the garbage! I was shocked it was that easy, but then later that day the crying started! so I decided to cave and we went on a search for Bink bee, (which is what she calls it by the way!) any how we ran across this little dog that she got for Christmas, and she was so excited that Binky was the last thing on her mind! so I asked her what we should name her puppy and she said dog, so I said how about Bink bee? she loved it! so now when she asks for Bink bee I get the puppy and she laughs and smiles! Thank goodness I didn't find a spare Binky that day! she has done really well other than one night!