Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Baby turned 1

My sweet little red head turned 1 on the 10th and she is making so much progress in her eating issues, we are so proud of her! we thought she wouldn't even be able to enjoy her own cake but she did! we had a nice party and enjoyed all the family and friends who came!


So we took our Family vacation to Utah this year and had a blast! We started at by visiting family and friends and then had an activity planned almost every day we were there! we took the girls to hogel zoo, I think Mia likes the Monkeys the most! we then took the girls to park city and rode the alpine slides and we all had a fun ride! Jayson and Mia went to a water park called cowabunga and he said she had fun, macie and I had had enough sun by then so we went shopping while they did that! we also went to wheeler farm to the bountiful bubble, which has changed alot since my child hood and then the rest of time we mostly just relaxed with friends and family! I miss Utah and all my family and friends alot!

Not cool!

so the reason I haven't blogged in awhile is because a few weeks ago I had a short opportunity to get on the computer and wrote this long old post about our trip to Utah and added tons of photos and when I decided to preview it and then hit the back button it went bye bye! I was so upset I have been avoiding this blog since! but I will try again!